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Top Real Estate Agents of Hawaii

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Kalalau Hawaii

Welcome to Hokua Hawaii Realty LLC, your trusted partner in real estate located in the stunning landscapes of Hawaii. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, an astute investor, in pursuit of a luxury home, downsizing, or contemplating relocation, we are dedicated to assisting you in realizing your real estate aspirations. Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch service and furnishing you with quality information, making your real estate decisions seamless and informed. At Hokua Hawaii Realty LLC, we blend local expertise with personalized attention to ensure that each client, regardless of their real estate journey, experiences the highest standards of support and guidance. Your goals are our priority, and we are here to navigate the path to your dream property in the idyllic settings of Hawaii.

Meet Our Agents

Hokua Hawaii Realty LLC, located in Oahu, Hawaii, is owned by Paula Bruno and Jenny Brady, who serve as full-time real estate agents. With a wealth of experience, they specialize in providing expert advice to both buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

Renowned within the real estate community, Paula, Jenny, and their team are admired for their proficiency, honesty, and leadership in the Hawaiian real estate landscape. Clients of Hokua Hawaii Realty LLC can expect congenial and committed service, coupled with intelligent real estate guidance. The team's dedication to their clients and the continuous improvement of the real estate profession is a testament to their decades-long commitment to excellence.

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