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Benefit of Flood Insurance for Low Risk Areas - Not Just for Beachfront Properties!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Did you know that one-fourth of all flood insurance claims come from properties that are located in minimal to moderate flood risk zones?

Realtors are trained to refrain from saying "it's not a flood zone" because there is no such thing.  Flood zones are identified by risk factors or levels.  

If a homeowner's property is located in a low-risk flood area  asd, outside a 100-year flood zone, flood insurance is optional.  

What you should know:

Standard homeowner insurance policies don't usually include flood damage and;One-fourth of all flood insurance claims are filed for properties located in minimal to moderate flood risk zones.Preferred Risk Flood Insurance policies are available to homeowners in low to moderate risk areas for as low as $355 per year!  Renters can obtain flood insurance too.   The state of Hawaii has an excellent website dedicated to local floodplain management and flood insurance.  Please go to  More information on this topic can be seen there!


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