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Buyer - Be Prepared

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

If you’re looking to become a first-time homeowner or looking to upgrade, it’s easy to get excited, and in the process, get ahead of yourself. There are several financial aspects you must examine when navigating the purchasing process. Here are a few important steps, or home buying ‘do’s,’ for you to consider.

Get pre-approved. Even if you are in “just the browsing” stage of buying a home, there is a chance that a home of your dreams could fall into your lap. If you find a home that you love before you’ve been approved for a home loan, you may be out of luck. Hawaii’s low inventory of homes keeps competition high for desirable properties, so getting started with the loan process is essential. There are many loan products out there that fit a variety of people’s needs. Low down payment options, investors loans, construction or renovation loans. Paula and Jenny can point you in the right direction for a lender who is committed to serving you with the right loan products as we are with serving your best needs!

Remember closing costs. Closing costs, which can involve a wide variety of fees, are often forgotten during the excitement of the home-buying experience. Many people focus strictly on the down payment costs when shopping, but escrow, application and inspection fees may apply to you during the closing process. Be sure to budget for these extra expenses. A great lender will work with you to find the right loan products that can mitigate your costs while keeping the long-term interest rates low.

Remember month-to-month costs. Whether it’s normal living expenses or taxes, insurance and homeowner’s association fees, you’ll be spending money related to your home on a monthly basis. Expenses such as utility costs for water and electricity often get overlooked when purchasing a home. Less essential costs such as yard care are also lurking. So be prepared to research all of these potential monthly bills prior to closing.

Let Us Help You Navigate the Process. Some people think that they may save money buying a home without professional help, but it can turn into a nightmare. Having Paula and Jenny on your side with the right skills and experience to navigate the nuances of a complex process is essential. We are known and respected in the real estate profession as great Buyer’s Agents. Buyers and Listing Agents know that we will represent our Buyers well and work through problems that may arise during the Buying process.

We look forward to working with you, please reach out if you have any questions or if you are ready for that next step!


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