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DIY Tips for Homeowners

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

As a homeowner, there’s no landlord or engineer to ask for help. So recommends you learn to handle these five basic problems:

1. Change HVAC filters: Replace quarterly to keep your system running smoothly and cut energy bills.

2. Cutting the water supply: Find and tag the shut-off valve when you first move in. When you need to turn it off, turn the handle 90 degrees.

3. Unclogging drains: Chemical drainers may work, but a drain snake is also an excellent option.

4. Resetting a circuit breaker: Open the panel cover and find the breaker in the “off” position, then turn to “on.”

5. Clean gutters: When gutters aren’t cleared of debris, water can get trapped, seep into your house and cost thousands in damages. Clean them annually or every two years.

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