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Don't Sweat the Sale

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The process of selling a home can induce many different emotions in people. Some get excited about new adventures on the horizon, while others get nostalgic about memories made in the past. But one feeling that is extremely common for sellers is anxiety. How can you help manage these stresses in order to make your home selling experience more pleasant? Here are some tips to help you relax: DON’T SWEAT the sale Schedule a designated “worry time”—Try setting aside a brief window in your day where you allow yourself to worry. During that time, write down all of your fears or issues about the selling process and try to generate solutions. This will give you a better sense of control over the situation. Use a “time out”— If your anxiety is interfering with the rest of your normal routine on a daily basis, try a more definitive approach to distressing. Working out, doing yoga or even meditation can help your anxieties drift away. Nighttime no-no—Avoid talking about or discussing your home selling plans at night. Stressing over the sale late in the evening could end up costing you sleep, which you’ll need so you can make informed and rational business decisions. Consult the informed— Many people fall into the trap of asking the opinion or taking the advice of an untrained or uninformed source. Don’t do it! This only furthers the stress. Stick to the sound advice of your real estate professional.

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