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Little Known Honolulu C&C Real Property Tax Credit for Homeowners with Gross Income Under $60,000

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

There is a little know tax benefit for homeowners with Honolulu City & County. Eligible homeowners, may receive a tax credit equal to the amount of real property taxes owed or up to 3% of that titleholder's combined gross income.  Eligibility requirements includes 1) must have an owner-occupant exemption in place at time of application, 2) may not own any other property, 3) combined income cannot exceed $60,000 annually, and 4) must apply annually.  

Applications are available in July/August and the deadline to submit is October 1.

Not all applicants will benefit, depending on their real property tax bill and gross income levels.

Please call Jenny Brady for more information!

Real Property Tax Credit:


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